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Derrick Oil & Supply

A RelaDyne Company since 2011

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Derrick Oil & Supply, Inc., part of the southern RelaDyne network, was acquired by RelaDyne in September of 2011. Formed in 1977 by Roland and Shirley Alphin, Derrick Oil & Supply was primarily geared toward auto parts, discount stores and lube shops selling case oil, wiper blades, spark plugs, etc. In the mid-1980s due to the decrease of mom-and-pop chain parts and discount stores, Derrick Oil began to steer more toward industrial business with drum and bulk oil accounts and the addition of fuel and Arco Lubricants to its product line.

Today, Derrick Oil helps to fill in the market gap between RelaDyne’s Houston and Louisiana divisions. They continue to provide the same standard of excellent service established by Roland Alphin in 1977.

Notable Services:

Fuels and Fuel Services

  • Transport and Bobtail deliveries
  • Gasolines, Diesel Fuels, Kerosene, and Solvents
  • Equipment
  • Fuel Inventory Management

Lube Engineering Services

  • Equipment and faculty audits and inspections
  • Corporate lubrication surveys, standards and manual
  • Lubricant consolidation, upgrading and optimization
  • Best practice procedures
  • Failure and root cause analysis
  • Seals and leakage control
  • Equipment modifications and guidelines
  • Work practice audits and compliance reviews


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Port Arthur, TX

947 Procter
Port Arthur, TX 77640
409-985-2508 phone
409-985-6678 fax

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Derrick Oil’s business was built on ‘Quality Products and Quality Service’ for years.  Continuing that tradition with becoming a part of the RelaDyne family, we now will be able to offer an extensive product line along with a larger geographical area to service.

— Rick Alphin

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